One of the hardest adjustments often experienced when transitioning into law school is figuring out how to manage the workload. It can take some trial and error before discovering what type of schedule works best for you. It’s important to keep in mind when figuring out your schedule, that it’s realistic and something you are actually able to follow. Our student ambassadors have done just that and are here to share with you their own tips for creating a schedule and sticking to it!

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“One important factor in law school success is having a structured weekly schedule. To ensure you stick to your weekly schedule, you have to make sure you allot time for yourself. Scheduling in time for the gym, friends, etc. is just as important as scheduling time for studying so that when you are studying, you are re-charged and ready to go.”

Emily Michel, 3L

“I have found that scheduling and writing down specific times to work on homework or readings helps to keep me accountable and on top of my assignments. Writing everything in my calendar helps create a vision for what my schedule looks like and lets me know when I should be working on what. I also like to plan specific blocks of free time so I don’t feel too overworked.”
“I am a to-do list person and always have multiple lists going on in lots of different places. If you find yourself to also be a list person, it can be helpful to list everything in order of priority and time commitment. So the most important things are listed first along with the things I know will take me the longest to finish.”
“Take time on Sunday to schedule yourself out for the week so you have a baseline of what all you have going on for that time period. This helps me feel less overwhelmed because I know everything is planned out and I am prepared for the week.”

Erica Gloyd, 3L

“I plan my weeks out ahead of time so that I can ensure I have enough time to get done all the immediate work I need to get done in addition to fitting in some time for long term projects.”
“Make plans to do something you enjoy/something active a few times a week. Law school can be stressful but part of coping with that stress is having something to look forward to each week and staying active!”
“Give yourself time to prepare for exams. Before law school, I rarely would have thought to plan out at least a month in advance a study schedule for an exam but I have found it helpful to plan out the amount of time I want to spend on each topic and trying my best to stick to it.”

Arielle Vanon, 3L

“The main thing that has worked for me as far as planning my schedule is to physically write/type it down. In undergrad, I felt writing schedules was “beneath me.” I did not want to limit myself to a written schedule as I “knew what I had to do”; admittedly, I did not always follow the schedule.”

“Being in law school, visualizing what you have to do makes it easier to follow; it’s kind of like your own accountability system. With that being said, also schedule times for extracurriculars, going out, the gym, etc., because those activities are just as important as your school/reading schedule.”

Timothy Percell, 2L

“Staying on top of your reading your 1L year is an absolute must. What works well for one student may spell disaster for another student. Some can get away doing the bare minimum, others need to do a lot of extra work to keep up. The best advice I can give to a prospective law student is to know your personal strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly, and as difficult as it might be, try not to compare yourself to those around you.”

Jacob Imig, 2L

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