Untitled design (2)Law school is undoubtedly competitive and stressful. And I’m sure in doing your research you’ve heard horror stories about student sabotage and all night study sessions. It’s important when choosing a law school that you find one that encourages friendly competition and promotes your mental well being.

Stress is unfortunately unavoidable, and not just in law school but in all areas of life. By learning to manage that stress you’ll be happier, more focused, and able to take on everything law school throws at you.

If you’ve chosen to attend FSU Law, you’re already half way to ensuring you have a healthy and successful law school journey. Florida State Law provides students with an abundance of resources to help manage stress and stay on top of their law school game.

A sampling of Florida State University’s Resources for Students:

  • University Counseling Center: The University Counseling Center, or UCC, located on the main campus, provides one on one counseling sessions with trained and qualified counselors. And the good thing is it’s FREE. If you are worried that seeking counseling will affect the Bar Examiners character and fitness screening, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners website requires reporting “treatment for” or “re-occurrence of” certain “thought disorders,” such as schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, and “mood disorders,” such as bipolar and major depressive disorders, that could “impair an applicant’s ability to practice law.” However, there is no mandatory disclosure for counseling sought for the “stress” or “anxiety” of law school.
  • RENEW (Realizing Everyone’s Need for Emotional Wellness): This is a peer mentorship program sponsored by the UCC. Having issues making a study plan and using your time efficiently? RENEW provides individual instructional sessions on stress management, time management, study skills, healthy relationships, and counseling center services.
  • The College of Law’s Office of Student Advancement: FSU Law hosts Wellness Wednesday activities throughout the semester as well as a Wellness Week to promote healthy living.
Students participating in #WellnessWednesday yoga in the Rotunda.
  • Meditation Workshops: Law Professor Larry Krieger holds weekly meditation sessions during the lunch hour which are open to all students. Newcomers are encouraged and no prior meditation experience is needed to benefit from this practice. Professor Krieger is internationally recognized for his research on the well-being, satisfaction, values, and motivations of both law students and lawyers.

Other Resources:

  • The American Bar Association: The ABA also cares about your mental well being as a law student. They provide a list of helpful mental health resources available online at any time. These resources include blog posts, articles, and helpful links to information on various types of mental health issues.
  • The Florida Bar: The Florida Bar also provides resources through their health and wellness center. These resources include video counseling and well being coaches as well as access to podcasts, meditations, and suggested readings.

These resources are here to ensure we all stay on the right track and take the time to check in with our mental health. So let’s all work together to be proactive law students and take the steps necessary to ensure our mental well being during these demanding 3 years of law school.

College of Law Student Ambassadors 2019   – Samantha Folkes, 2L


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