Roulhac, Jada.jpgSince the start of my 2L year, I have the privilege of being enrolled in the FSU Business Law Clinic. The clinic has been an amazing opportunity to earn class credit, fulfilling my skills training required course, while getting real word experience working with small business startups. In the Business Law Clinic, we work with students and staff of Florida State University to assist with transactional legal needs for startup businesses. Some of the work we do with clients includes drafting and filing articles of incorporation, preparing basic tax forms, drafting contracts, and answering basic intellectual property questions. Students in the clinic have the opportunity to work with local for-profit and non-profit companies in all different sectors of the business industry.

The class is composed of six students and meets three times a week. We learn about different areas related to business law like entity choice, financing, intellectual property, and contract drafting. In addition to our regularly scheduled class times, we also conduct client meetings. Each student is assigned around 3-4 cases where they work as either a lead attorney or second chair with a classmate.  Sometimes, we work on cases and meet with clients as a class. As part of the clinic, students are also required to keep a transactional journal.

As a student in the clinic, we are not bound to work just within the law school.  We were able to visit the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship, tour the school, and meet with current and potential clients for the clinic. I was also able to visit the Division of Corporations to file a client’s Articles of Incorporation for their business. The Business Law Clinic has been an amazing experience so far. I encourage all students interested in practicing any type of business law to apply for the clinic. I encourage students to reach out to Professor Richard Benham, FSU’s College of Law Entrepreneur in Residence and the Business Law Clinic professor, as early as possible to secure a seat in this competitive clinic.

– Jada Roulhac, 3L

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