It’s that time of year again! And no we aren’t just talking about finals. Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to gather with family and friends, get some extra study time in, and practice your own holiday traditions. Here’s what some of our students will be up to during the break.

Thanksgiving Plans & Traditions

“I always go home for Thanksgiving and spend time with my family. My 1L year I regretfully spent the whole Thanksgiving break studying and did not spend much time with family and friends. I learned to be more proactive and study throughout the semester, this way I have I can actually enjoy the holiday break when I am home.”

 – Emily Michel, 3L

“Being a Tallahassee native, I have the benefit of most of my family being in town and not having to normally travel for the holiday break. Every year we go down to my grandparents’ house off of the Wakulla River and just enjoy a nice meal and family time while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The Wakulla River is a great place for kayaking/canoeing and the springs portion is great for swimming in the summer or doing the river boat tours!”

Erica Gloyd, 3L

“It’s well known that exams typically start soon after Thanksgiving and many students don’t have the opportunity to travel for the long weekend. Last year, a group of friends got together at my apartment for a Friendsgiving Potluck – we plan to do another one this year!

A big law school tradition around Thanksgiving here at FSU Law is the Annual FSU v. UF Powderpuff game. Each year, two teams play each other on our law school Green, cheered on by fellow students and faculty! The girls play while the boys typically coach and everyone gets together after the game for a social.

I typically try to get involved with some sort of community service activity at this time of the year as well – whether it be participating in a food drive for the local community or volunteering at an animal shelter for a day, I like to take some time to appreciate what I am thankful for and help others in the community.”

 – Arielle Vanon, 3L

“For Thanksgiving this year, my wife and I are heading to central Florida to spend it with our sons.  Every Thanksgiving we plan on spending Thanksgiving somewhere with family, whether we travel to them or they travel to us.

We also make it our personal mission to attack Black Friday shopping and pride ourselves for how quick we can get in and out of stores with the items we want.

As far as law school traditions during this time of year, I’d say shore up those outlines and know what your teachers like as you will be writing for them the next week for finals.”

 – Timothy Percell, 2L

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