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This summer I am working as a law clerk for Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto & Aziz in Houston, Texas. I am working directly under Houston Bar Association President, Benny Agosto, Jr. on a case involving a chemical plant fire in which we represent over sixty clients. With Abraham Watkins being one of the oldest Plaintiff firms in Houston, this summer I am gaining useful experience from some of the best attorneys in the State of Texas.

One of the many exciting parts about working at a Plaintiff’s firm is that every day brings a new challenge and experience. With this, tasks are always changing, which requires the ability to adapt and think on your toes. During my time here I have learned useful skills in case preparation that will be very helpful in my career. These skills include aiding in discovery matters, indexing medical records, amending interrogatories, drafting demand letters and deposition summaries, preparing document reviews for depositions, and conducting legal research.

Working for the President of the Houston Bar Association affords many opportunities to give back to the community here in Texas. Mr. Agosto coordinates with many charitable organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity and LegalLine, to organize community events. Through LegalLine, I had the opportunity to speak directly with those in need of legal representation in order to assist them in securing adequate representation they both need and deserve.

While law school provides a great legal foundation for students, there is still much more to learn outside of the classroom to ensure a successful and growing legal career. Working in the legal field provides real world experiences that will sharpen your practical skills so that you are better prepared to make the transition from law school into the world of a practicing attorney.

NPlanitz Summer Blog Pic2
The firms “Astro’s Day” at work. Afterwards, we enjoyed the game as a group that night.

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