This summer has been great so far. Aside from getting some much needed rest and relaxation after a trying 1L year, I have been taking a couple summer classes and interning in the Communications office of the Florida Senate Democrats (Florida Democratic Party).

I am taking two classes this summer, Evidence and Criminal Procedure: Police. I was skeptical prior to taking these classes of the prospect of taking classes this summer, and it was made more difficult when I realized that class started just four days after my last 1L final. However, now as I am nearing the end of class I am so happy with my decision to take these classes, they have been most enjoyable.

I have also been interning with the Florida Democratic Party. I am not really doing any sort of legal work, but this job has still been very engaging. I have been doing political research for the State Senate elections coming up next year. I have a background in political campaigning and it is something I may want to get back into after law school, and this internship has taught me a lot about aspects of campaigns that had previously been unknown to me.

With classes wrapping up in two weeks, I look forward to having more free time the second half of the summer and getting a well deserved break from school to recharge my batteries and head into my 2L year as strong as possible!

College of LawStudent Ambassadors 2019


– Jacob Imig 2L

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