Best Coffee Shops to Study at in Tallahassee

In addition to having a love for caffeine, I discovered that Tallahassee has some of the best local coffee shops. When I was in the process of deciding where to go to law school, the local community and atmosphere of a law school was a very important factor for me. Tallahassee has so much more than people realize when it comes to culture and local uniqueness. One of my favorite Tallahassee eccentricities is the plethora of local coffee shops it has that are perfect for the many long nights of studying every law student faces. Here are the coffee shops that were always there for me as a stressed 1L and continue to be my studying getaways in law school:

  1. Black Dog Café

Black Dog has the best outdoor studying area, there is a little waterfall and so many pretty plants and flowers. In addition, for a treat after studying, they have Sangria and spiked popsicles (they have regular popsicles too that are always nice in the Florida heat!). My favorite Black Dog location is the one at Railroad Square, because for study breaks, I love to climb at the rock climbing gym next door. The location at Lake Ella is nice as well, especially because you can get a big easy snowball, another local Tallahassee treat.

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  1. Au Peche

Au Peche is a new bakery/coffee shop and it is my current favorite place to study. They play French music and it is usually a very quiet, relaxing place to study. Plus, they have so many tasty treats, like macaroons and lavender chai tea lattes!


  1. Catalina Café

Catalina Café is only a five-minute walk from the law school. It has a trendy vibe and great outdoor seating. They serve food, too! Plus, it is right next door to Grasslands Brewery, so you can grab a beer with friends after long hours of studying.


  1. Red Eye

Red Eye is another local favorite that has a mission to make the world a better place. Its coffee and tea are all fair trade and its profits go towards local and global humanitarian causes. My Law Review note is on a potential ban on plastic straws, and it is fitting that I am drinking out of a biodegradable straw from Red Eye as I write it. Red Eye has three locations near campus, one in Midtown, one on Capital Circle and one at Bannerman Crossing.


  1. Lucky Goat

If a coffee connoisseur were to pick a Tallahassee coffee shop with the best coffee, he or she would probably pick Lucky Goat. Lucky Goat is a very popular study spot, so I try to go there in the mornings or on days I know it will be less crowded.


Many More:  All Saints Café, Chi Chi’s Café, Southern Velvet Café, Calvin’s Coffee House, etc.

Basically, in Tallahassee if you throw a rock you are likely to hit a local coffee shop or great place to study. Law school can create its fair share of stress and it is good to have a place to escape to. The local coffee shops of Tallahassee became my escape and continue to be where I get my best work done in law school.

Emily Michel Emily Michel, 2L