FSU law, while being one of the best schools in the nation, is also conveniently located less than a quarter mile from our state’s legislature. This provides both current and prospective students with a wealth of opportunity to work with and learn from lawyers who are shaping the laws of our state. Personally, I have had the opportunity to work with our state representative while here in Tallahassee. In my capacity as a volunteer, I was researching proposed legislation and writing memos on areas where the creation of new legislation could be beneficial. This provided me with a real-time look at the front-line issues which our legislature was facing and gave me the chance to be part of the conversation. This is due in no small part to being at FSU Law.

Capitol from Balcony
Tallahassee Capitol Building, as seen from the Admissions Office balcony.

Getting involved is as simple as sending an email. It does not matter if you have never worked with government, either locally or statewide, it’s all about how willing you are to put in the work. The majority of state senators and representatives are eager to get law students involved as our skill set as soon-to-be-lawyers translates well to the work they need done.

Students can also get involved in more formal programs, such as the legislative intern program and the gubernatorial fellows program. Legislative interns will be put into a committee or office in the legislature and work through both fall and spring sessions. This is an invaluable program for the networking potential alone, but you also get compensated through law school credits paid plus a wage. The gubernatorial fellows program is largely the same type of program but puts students within executive agencies.

This level of access to the leaders of your state and the wealth of knowledge and guidance they are able to provide is simply more readily available to the students of FSU Law than any other law school in the state. Do yourself a favor, if you are interested in working at any level in government or if you simply want to get involved early with the issues facing our state, FSU Law is the place to be.

Walk to Capitol
A short walk from FSU College of Law to Capitol Hill. You are always a few minutes away.


College of Law. Student Ambassadors.   Jorge Torres, 3L

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