My time at the College of Law has not only been an engaging environment centered on academics and community, but has expanded my horizons into the international arena. Thanks to FSU, I have taken international courses taught by preeminent scholars, met alumni working in international tribunals and contract arbitration, and have travelled to Europe every year (with financial assistance from the school). Here are just a few of the amazing opportunities!

Study Abroad at Oxford (and more!)

Florida State has the longest-running law study abroad program at Oxford University in England. Unlike most other programs, ours boasts actual Oxford professors who teach English Legal History and European Union Law. I had the opportunity to reach deep into the roots of our common law system, while living in a hall originally built in the 13th century. The material, the environment, and the opportunity to travel every weekend made this an unparalleled opportunity. Though it does come at a cost, there is financial aid available! We also offer exchange programs with schools in The Netherlands and Australia!

International Opportunities 2
Pictured (left to right) : 3L’s Michael Hoffman, Sarah Leon, and Brent Marshall on a weekend trip to Amsterdam during the Oxford Summer Program (2016).

International Arbitration in Vienna

Every year, hundreds of law students from around the globe convene in Vienna, Austria for the Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Moot. Arbitration is becoming an increasingly preferred method of dispute resolution and this competition offers the opportunity to learn the requisite skills and network with practitioners. The College of Law sends a team every year and I have been fortunate enough to be selected twice for this wonderful experience. It has opened my eyes to previously unseen opportunities in the field of international arbitration and helped cultivate my abilities as a researcher and oral advocate.

International Opportunities 1
Pictured (left to right) : Melina Garcia, (#FSULawGoldenGrad18), Michael Hoffman (3L), Natalia Nincevic (3L) and Tyler Antolik (#FSULawGoldenGrad17) outside of Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria in April 2017.

Alumni Abroad

Law Noles have staked claims in international jobs for years now. Some of our illustrious alumni have served on international tribunals in Rwanda and Sierra Leone, and one currently serves as the Executive Director of the International Bar Association. In fact, the IBA accepts one student each summer to intern in London with the IBA. This network displays the possible paths from Tallahassee to work abroad, as well as guidance from these distinguished alums!


College of Law. Student Ambassadors. Michael Hoffman, 3L

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