Taking Advantage of Summer Opportunities in Tallahassee Can Be Very Rewarding

Because I studied abroad during the summer after my first year of law school, the following summer was my first one spent right here in Tallahassee, Florida. Staying in Tallahassee for the summer provided me with some much needed rest and family time as I healed from knee surgery I underwent in the spring. As a student, I was also able to take advantage of Florida State University’s Fitness and Wellness Clinic, which assisted in my recovery and helped me get on a regular exercise regime. After recuperating, I ventured out to enjoy some of Tallahassee’s many great outdoor venues, including Tom Brown Park.

My summer in Tallahassee was also a great time to gain valuable legal experience. I continued with a part-time position alongside a family law practitioner with over 30 years of experience and clerked for a firm specializing in appellate law. These experiences provided me with opportunities to research some very novel areas of law, while simultaneously learning many of the practical ins-and-outs of operations within a law firm. I was also able to work with some great lawyers, who exemplified positive examples of what it takes to be legal practitioner. Ultimately, my summer assignments put my legal, research, writing and analytical skills to the test while allowing me to really appreciate just how much Florida State University College of Law was preparing me to participate and engage in the legal community.

While there are many reasons to be somewhere else during the summer, there are also a great many reasons to stick around and take advantage of opportunities right here in Tallahassee. As it turns out, last summer ended up being a great time for me to gain some valuable experience, start a new routine, and prepare for my exciting final year of law school at Florida State.

College of Law student ambassadors. Nicholas G. Bush, 3L