The Importance of Networking with Fellow Law Students

Law school is an overwhelming time for many students and it is easy to hide away in the library, studying for hours, without seeing a single person. However, the need to get out, network and meet people is critical for one to succeed in their legal career. One of the most understated, but most important things you can do as a law student for your professional career is to get to know the students around you.

Getting to know your fellow law students, their interests and passions, and creating strong relationships with them will take you beyond your time here, well past graduation, and into your career. After all, we are all going to be attorneys someday! From the bonds and relationships that you build during your time at the College of Law, will come a group of young legal professionals, all connected to each other through a common law school experience.

While law schools are generally competitive by nature, Florida State fosters an atmosphere of cooperation. The College of Law community is a very positive and welcoming environment, and this is a direct reflection of its students, faculty and staff. So, while competing academically and professionally, we do so within a support system of friends. This not only makes our time here much more enjoyable, but also provides us with a great opportunity for meeting and getting to know other.

The College of Law campus is also unique in the way that it encourages students to participate in various activities together, whether it is getting involved in a student organization, playing intramural sports, or attending the weekly Student Bar Association socials. These activities give you so many opportunities to make friends and foster relationships that may have otherwise not developed on their own.

It is also important to remember that already having the built-in support from friends and colleagues through law school will help you succeed as you begin and develop through your career. For me, joining an alumni network and knowing that there are hundreds of other attorneys out there that I can call on for help and support is a comforting feeling.

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