On Campus Interviewing: Your Ticket to Experiential Opportunities and Employment

In the midst of your 1L classes, the end goal of becoming a practicing attorney is often lost in the haze of “reasonableness” and the Erie doctrine. Too often, students forget that there is a future outside of law school and about the importance of obtaining practical experience while in law school.

The ability to apply concepts you have only experimented with in the classroom while simultaneously growing your network of references and potential employers is invaluable. These experiences and references will carry you far in your ultimate goal of becoming a practicing attorney. For this purpose, Florida State University College of Law has an excellent Placement Office that keeps practical experience high on its list of priorities for students.

The Placement Office facilitates On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) for students at all junctures of their legal education. There are a variety of opportunities to facilitate all interests, from classic, big firms to government and private industry. The OCI process allows students to do just what it says: interview for pre- and post-graduate positions on the campus where they attend classes. With the Placement Office doing some of the heavy lifting (bringing fantastic employers to you, the student!), there is little excuse for College of Law students to not pursue practical experience during their time in law school.

Last spring, I took advantage of OCI and the resources and assistance of our top-notch Placement Office in my search for summer employment. From having my resume refined to last-minute interview tips, these perks had never been so important to me.

The process began with e-mail messages received from the Placement Office and a search of the Florida State University job-listing network in Symplicity. Here I was able to find positions based on geographic location, class year, practice area, and much more. From there, I was easily able to submit my application and other materials to my preferred employers. Soon after, another e-mail message from the Placement Office let me know it was time to select an interview slot.

On interview day, aside from a few pre-interview jitters, the process went incredibly smoothly. I walked over from my final class of the day, was quickly photographed by the Placement Office staff (which would be used to jog the employer’s memory), received a quick briefing on the firm and interviewer, and sat in the cozy waiting area until my interview time came up. The interview was conducted by two of the firm’s top attorneys. The entire process was completely conversational and comfortable, and the Placement Office followed up with me after the interview to provide me with the employer’s contact information.

I cannot imagine an easier process or more supportive staff. I was happy to accept an internship position this past summer all thanks to the On-Campus Interviewing program and the support of the Placement Office. Students at Florida State University College of Law are lucky to have the support of such an involved Placement Office that wishes to provide these types of opportunities to all College of Law students.

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