The Placement Office at Florida State University College of Law is working around the clock to make sure every single one of us succeeds. During my 1L year, I was worried about obtaining a summer internship that would provide me with a good amount of experience. Luckily, the services and networking events that the Placement Office provides for us are geared towards helping us do just that.

Early in the spring semester of my 1L year, I received an e-mail message from the Placement Office notifying me that Robert Wesley, Public Defender for the 9th Circuit of Florida, was going to be visiting us here, at his alma mater, to talk with students about internship opportunities in his office. After receiving this e-mail, I was beyond excited.

I made sure that I stopped by the Placement Office a couple of days prior to his visit to get some pointers and to make sure everything would go smoothly. I had worked myself up and was anxious about speaking with Mr. Wesley, but one of our J.D. Placement Advisors helped me find my confidence and told me how to best take advantage of this opportunity. They sat down with me and told me everything I needed to know, from how to dress, how many resumes to bring, and what questions to ask. We even went over my resume together and I was given some formatting tips to spruce it up.

Mr. Wesley’s meeting with a group of students in the Advocacy Center began with him describing his career experience and outlining the responsibilities of his office. He asked us questions about our experiences at the College of Law and recalled his time here quite fondly. He then asked how many people were from the Orlando area and began telling crazy stories about past clients he had encountered there. When he asked who was from Kissimmee, I was the only student who raised a hand, and he talked with me about his hometown for a few minutes.

Towards the end of his talk, Mr. Wesley invited all of us to e-mail him personally with any questions we might have. Additionally, he said that if any of us were interested in an internship position over the summer, we should note this in an e-mail and include the dates we would be available, a weekly schedule, and he would place us in the office of our choice.

Later that week I e-mailed Mr. Wesley, relayed my summer plans, and asked whether I could work at the Kissimmee office during the 6-weeks I would be at home that summer. I was pleasantly surprised by a prompt response from him affirming my schedule and letting me know the next steps in the “employment process.”

I had found the summer internship I wanted, and it all started with that one e-mail from the Placement Office! Needless to say, my six weeks at the Public Defender’s office were tremendously helpful in terms of honing my legal researching skills, drafting memos and motions, recognizing and overcoming legal issues, and working in a professional environment. I still keep in touch with many of the Assistant Public Defenders I worked with in Kissimmee and that internship was definitely the biggest determining factor in my continued interest in criminal law.

If there is one thing you should take away from my experience, it is that our Placement Office is one of the best resources for helping you find employment while you are at the College of Law and when you are seeking employment after you have graduated. You remember that e-mail message that I got from the Placement Office notifying me that Mr. Wesley was coming to speak? The reason I received that e-mail was because I had completed a profile on the College of Law’s Simplicity Web site. The Placement Office manages this Web site and notified me because I had noted my interest in criminal law when I completed my profile. The site also includes a listing of jobs that you can apply for directly through the site. This is how I found another internship in the General Counsel’s Office of the Florida Parole Commission.

I would encourage any current or incoming student to create a detailed employment profile on the College of Law’s Simplicity Web site as soon as you can or are able. Going to speak with the placement advisors about your resume, your experience, and where you want to end up can also be very useful in helping decide what you want to do and how to meet your career goals. The Placement Office also plans many events, like Mr. Wesley’s visit, to give students an opportunity to meet professionals, network, and make their job search much easier…and less stressful!

?????????????????????????????????? Jaycee Peralta, 3L

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