I suspect that many law students do not have a clue about what they want to do when they grow up, and those who think they know often change their minds. The important thing is to have a law school experience that helps you make the right decision for yourself. Sometimes it comes from the classes you love and sometimes the classes you did not think you would like turn out to be the most valuable. It can even come from the people you meet or the organizations you join. Either way, try different things before narrowing down your areas of interest and most importantly, remember to keep an open mind!

When I first came to law school I thought I knew exactly what type of law I wanted to practice.  I just knew I wanted to be an international lawyer. I wanted to be involved in international trade with a Chinese company. As an undergraduate, I spent my summers in China and even minored in Chinese. I was definitely on the international track. During the fall semester of my 2L year my focus began to change and my current career path could not have been further from international trade law. From that point I began to develop an interest in family law and now that I have graduated I will be working in a law firm handling domestic relations cases.

As I prepared for the fall semester of my 2L year, I enrolled in two classes, International Trade and Family Law. I learned very quickly that I did not have an interest in the business aspects of international law, but to my surprise, I loved my Family Law class. Professor Cahill taught the course and she was fantastic! The material was interesting, really grabbed my attention, and I started thinking that family law might be for me. Fast-forward to the spring semester of my 3L year, and I enrolled in the Public Interest Law Center’s Family Law Clinic, which provided me with the opportunity to practice with actual cases before I graduated. While I was working under the supervision of an attorney, the clients and the cases were mine and I handled each of them from the initial interview through the final hearing. I cannot say enough about what a great opportunity this was to get hands-on experience!

Another great opportunity was the Mock Trial Team. As someone who will be directly advocating for clients, this experience was huge for me. Mock Trial is basically a group of students who work on teams and simulate a trial. There is a plaintiff (or prosecution), a defense team, and participants make opening statements, examine witnesses, argue evidence, and offer closing arguments. While I never really saw myself as a trial lawyer, I now know that after this experience I have the tools to enter any courtroom and hold my own.

Some people really have a calling for what they want to do, and that is great. If you do not know, one of the best ways to help you decide is to try different things. There are plenty of courses offered at Florida State University College of Law each semester, as well as many activities and organizations you can participate in that will help you determine where you might fit. Even though I thought I knew what I wanted to do, I took a wide range of classes and became involved in different areas. I think all of these experiences were very important in helping me determine what I really wanted to do as well as what my future career will be.

Image Melissa Sinor, Class of 2014

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