As a recent graduate, the first thing that I have to say is that law school has flown by in what seems like the blink of an eye! A lot goes into preparing to graduate and take the bar exam. Fortunately, the College of Law has the resources students need to get ready for this next step, and I have certainly utilized many of them myself. Of course, the thing weighing heaviest on a graduating law school student is future employment.

The College of Law Placement Office is a fantastic resource for students. As a 3L, I used their website daily to check for on campus interviews, job postings, and new employers using the resume referral service. They also host networking events with local lawyers, judges, and law firms. One thing I have learned from the Placement Office is that most legal jobs are not advertised, and that networking is the most important thing a law student can do.

Taking advantage of these events has put me in contact with mentors and many attorneys I would not have otherwise had the chance to meet. In addition to these services offered to all students, the Placement Office has gone above and beyond for me during my job search. When I received a job offer, the placement office helped me evaluate my offer and find all the market information I needed to make an educated decision.

For me, and many other students, my student loans and finances are also weighing heavily on my mind. I have financed law school exclusively through student loans, and those payments will begin in a few short months. The Office of Student Affairs brought in a Department of Education employee who did a presentation about loan repayment. Our guest prepared slides and handouts for us, went through everything we should know about repaying student loans, and answered all of our questions. Having someone there to walk me through that process was so helpful, and it put my mind at ease.

In addition to student loans from school, many students need financing for bar preparation, the bar exam, and the cost of living between graduation and receiving bar results. Members of the Office of Student Affairs met with me personally to help me explore my options and determine which was best for me. For these and the many other aspects of graduating and transitioning into the workplace as a new attorney, the College of Law has addressed my questions and prepared me well for what is to come.

Image  – Kelly Dunn, Florida State University College of Law, Class of 2013

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